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FACT or FICTION? Does this really happen in the USA?

  • Another Desert Storm veteran is a PF victim? Gman had a vasectomy, but had not informed his adulterous wife. Somehow this Freedom fighter for the great USA, has been robbed by the FLA courts and is being forced to pay for another's man child. The system claimed that the child was born to the marriage. Another man is being emotionally & financially raped for the pleasure of another fraudulent & adulterous mother.

    I, Gman, do hereby grant permission to to publish my story.

  •  Another PFV, NYman finally got a DNA paternity test, but... they robbed him anyway!

    It did not matter to the courts that he had prima facie evidence that his 2nd ex-wife knowingly and willfully committed adultery. Where does it end? This is another case that proves "No-Fault Divorce" laws should be repealed. Another man is being emotionally & financially raped for the pleasure of another fraudulent & adulterous mother.

    I, NYman, do hereby grant permission to to publish my story.

  • Another Arizona victim proves the kids are not his but... he writes letter to legislators. Click here below to read his letter then write your state legislators to stop the extortion against US citizens.

    Letter from the PF Mailbag, published by permission.

  • California - darnic says 2 kids are not his, but the California DA says pay anyway (typical response).

    What do you mean "you want to stop paying just because they're not your kids"? Click here below. Another great example of your tax dollars being used to fleece the innocent man to support another fraudulent mother?

    We, darnic, give our permission to post our story.

  • Atlanta Attorney gets the news from his doctor.

    So, how did his ex-wife get pregnant twice during the marriage, since he is not the father of her two kids? Click here to learn more!

  • Miami, Florida PF victim is robbed any way!

    Too bad that he found out after the kid was diagnosed with sickle cell -- DNA testing proved that he DID NOT cause his ex-girlfriends pregnancy. So what, FLA DOR is taking the money from his check with no regard for how the man and his wife will survive.

    See the CAPF Director's letter to the Miami Herald reporter!

  • Another California victim -- This guy has the DNA test that proves his innocence, but the judge apologizes and says "I can't let you go"! Outrageous!! why not?

  • Another Florida victim -- This guy has a PHD and so does the mother that roped him!  Oh, so educated guys are not at risk to be duped about paternity? WRONG!

    Will you be the next one listed here?

    You really don't want to join the Hall of Victims. Imagine being a slave to a mother and family court that commits paternity fraud -- don't even go there in your nightmares!

    Join the fight for victim freedom. US-CAPF believes in paying child support for our biological kids, for any kids that we legally adopt and we supporting shared parenting.

  • But pay for mom's sleeping around, NO WAY! She must not be rewarded and be held responsible for her own actions.

    Paternity fraud is caused by hiding the truth!

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