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States support and enforced paternity fraud


Some states will admit there is a problem after reviewing the data about paternity fraud or false allegations of paternity, but will NOT address the root cause.


Paternity Fraud cannot occur without dishonesty, deception, perjury, misrepresentation or a mistake of facts by the child's mother. The mother is the only party with 100 percent knowledge that she has or had more than one intimate partner during the window of conception then deliberately conceals this vital information from the alleged or presumed father.

 In other cases of default judgement, men are saying / proving they did NOT have intimate relations with the mother.

 Another group of males are being falsely identified by DNA testing when the mother has intimate relations with related males that is not detected by insufficient testing at some DNA laboratories.

In some cases, the lab admits insufficient testing to determine which male is the biological father, but the family court judge refuses to allow the alleged father to get an independent legal paternity test with all parties at his own expense.

We have reports of males with altered Paternity reports that were changed to pick him as the biological dad. Subsequent testing, if done will reveal one of two possibilities -- either the alleged father has been framed as claimed with a false test or he is the biological father.

Many family court judges will not allow him to get a DNA test with an impartial laboratory that is not connected with the state agency. In my opinion, most guys are unaware of the child's actual/ estimated conception date and gestational age at birth to calculate probability of intimate contact. 

How many men are paying child support for children they didn't father? I don't believe there is an exact count available unless paternity testing is done nationwide.

An Office of Child Support Enforcement report shows 12% of males said the children were NOT theirs. If we apply this factor across 70 Million births the results would exceed a shocking number of SEVEN MILLION. [CAPF-note] In many cases the judge was not concerned about the truth when biological paternity is another guy.

See Source, Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement 

Fathers Say Why They Don't Pay [Not the father = 12 percent]; If you would like more information, contact OCSE's David Arnaudo at (202) 401-5364.

David Arnaudo is Senior Technical Advisor in OCSE's Division of Policy and Planning. This article is a summary of Sumati Dubey's "A Study of Reasons for Nonpayment of Child Support by Noncustodial Parents," which appeared in the Spring, 1996, Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare.


*Which states have paternity fraud statutes? Some states refer to this as Disestablishment of Paternity or Milkman statutes to address those scenarios where the child resembles the neighborhood milkman aka Cuckolding. 

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