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Paternity Mail Bag



  • 1woman against paternityfraud - I am On A Mission
    "I am On A Mission" March 2001, I attended a few of the sessions at the Capitol just to see the operation of how a bill gets processed. I was amazed at the way some of the Representatives conducted...
  • 2ndwives
    Second Wives Crusade Survey at To the Second Wives: You can make a difference in the survival of your family. Our organization is living proof that Concerned women make a difference.
  • AFC letter of support
    AFC Letter of support for Georgia paternity fraud bill HB 369 from Stuart Miller
  • Attorney Paternity Fraud victim supports reform
    Paternity Fraud should be stopped in Georgia. From: Albertelli To: Dear Editor: This editorial is written on behalf of all Georgia Men who have been defrauded...
  • Australia speaks against paternity fraud
    Australia has Citizens Against Paternity Fraud Note from CAPF Director - same problem PF is 30% of men DNA tested for paternity could be construed as an epidemic.
  • CA CAPF speaks for paternity fraud victim
    CALIFORNIA PF VICTIM says ... We found out through DNA testing that not just one, but two of the kids he thought were his from one mother, are not his.  The California District Attorney...
  • California mom speaks against paternity fraud
    A California mom speaks out for truth revealed by paternity testing. The truth is a good thing -- DNA testing gets the facts.
  • california paternity fraud victim speaks
    California Paternity Fraud victim speaks up to let us know his story. Yet another man and his family affected by paternity fraud.
  • Center for Individual Rights
    August 1, 2001 Attn: Mr. Curt A. Levey Director of Legal and Public Affairs. Center for Individual Rights 1233 20th Street, N.W., Suite 300 Washington, DC 20036 Telephone: 202.833.8400 Fax:...
  • cmwoman speaks about paternity fraud
    Another honest person wants to be posted on paternity truth headquarters. It is really not that difficult to support DNA testing as the standard tool for court and child support, regardless of marital status. The best way to avoid paternity fraud is to ....
  • Dr Adams - Lets Talk About Paternity Fraud
              Lets Talk About Paternity Fraud Part One: Whats Going On?   Paternity fraud occurs when a mother lies about who the biological father of a child really is. It...
  • Florida Paternity Trap in Florida
    See my response to: Paternity Trap in Volusia County   July27, 2001   NEWS JOURNAL Christine Preston (Staff Writer) RE: Volusia County testing child-support payment program Hello Christine...
  • Florida paternity fraud victim speaks
    03-25-01 Printed by permission from DT Orlando, FL My paternity Fraud Case is a long one, so if you have a minute please read. .My case started in 1993, I was sent papers by the states attorneys...
  • GA Citizens send letters to lawmakers to end paternity fraud
    Letters from L.Brackett Sent on July 18, 2001: E-mail address: Dear Senator Thompson, Please vote for passage of House Bill 369 that will protect parents from paternity fraud....
  • Georgia paternity test data
    Carnell Smith sent open records letter to obtain statewide paternity tests information. Did you know that 30 percent of DNA tests for paternity in Georgia, the man tested was not the father? And you thought everyone told the truth in each child support case.
  • GA Senator Charlie Tanksley supports paternity fraud bill
    The State Senate CHARLIE TANKSLEY District 32 writes CAPF founder, Carnell Smith about paternity fraud bill and recent newspaper story.
  • iowa paternity fraud victim speaks out
    Letter Submitted by: Paternity Fraud victim "Iowa Dad" Published by permission.  Checkout his website at: DIVORCED FATHERS NETWORK I, do hereby grant permission to to publish...
  • Kelly Nudelman speaks out against paternity fraud
    Mrs. Kelly Nudelman Alpharetta, GA 30004       March 12, 2002     Honorable State Representative Georgia House of Representatives Atlanta, GA 30334   Dear Honorable... speaks out against paternity fraud
  • lady speaks against paternity fraud
    From: AK To: PaternityFraud mailbag; Subject: Comments on your site. First of all, let me say that I'm an 18 year old...
  • letter to US Senator Zell Miller from Carnell Smith
    Carnell writes letter to Georgia US Senator Zell Miller asking for help against paternity fraud
  • Maine girlfriend speaks out against paternity fraud
    Letter Submitted by: Paternity Fraud victim's "Fiancee' in Maine" Published by permission. The one that got away from the PF mother! Hi this is my fiancee's story.  When he was 18 he was dating...
  • Michigan paternity fraud victim - 2 of 3 not his kids
    Paternity Fraud strikes again, 2 of 3 children were not his! Another member of the Hall of Victims.   I wish to keep all names anonymous because of legal reasons and protection for all parties...
  • military against paternity fraud
    Posted by permission! From: MS Sent: Friday, March 16, 2001 5:01 PM Subject: HB 369 Honorable Senators,  I am writing to convey to all of you the importance of HB 369. This bill  will stop paternity fraud.
  • military wife against paternity fraud
    Members of the US Armed Forces speak against paternity fraud. Subject: HB 369 - For the Children in support of DNA paternity testing.
  • military wives support hb369
    3/17/01 - Wife of PF Victim writes GA Senators ----- Original Message ----- Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2001 9:40 AM Subject: HB 369 - For the Children Fm: Mrs. 2Dwife, Member of the US Armed Forces...
  • mm woman speaks out against paternity fraud
    From: MMwoman To: <> Subject: You are right- no paternity-no payment due Date: Thursday, May 03, 2001 3:09 PM When I heard this story on the radio, I had difficulty...
  • MO paternity fraud victim speaks up
    Used by Permission ----- Original Message ----- From: William Hagen To: Sent: Saturday, February 03, 2001 1:44 AM - Subject: RE: Child Support Mr. Smith, Please but me on...
  • NC paternity fraud victim1 speaks
    In 1988 Congress passed a Public Law 100-485 the Family Support Act under the title Establishment of Paternity the States are MANDATED to require ALL parties in a contested paternity case to take a DNA test ....
  • North Carolina paternity fraud victim speaks
    From: Mrs Victim of NC., paternity fraud victim because her husband was lied to about paternity! Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 9:13 AM To: Carnell Thank you for your...
  • NY paternity fraud victim speaks on Paternity, Divorce and Fathers Rights
    NYman is a paternity fraud victim; Paternity, Divorce and Men’s Rights. I am sending out this story to anyone who will listen. Today men who have proven by DNA paternity testing.
  • Senator Connie Stokes letter
    Carnell Smith supports DNA testing to get the truth about paternity. See the letter to his Georgia Senator Connie Stokes requesting support for the famous paternity fraud bill HB369 aka OCG 19-7-54. It should be called the Paternity Justice Act of 2002.
  • Senator Mike Crotts letter
    MIKE CROTTS COMMITTEES: District 17 Appropriations 303 Legislative Office Building Banking and Financial Institutions 18 Capitol Square Ethics, Secretary Atlanta, Georgia 30334 Insurance and Labor...
  • Senator Nathan Dean letter
    The State Senate NATHAN DEAN DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS CHAIRMAN writes back about paternity fraud legislation and the problem.
  • Senator Zell Mill writes about paternity fraud
    ZELL MILLER GEORGIA May 17, 2001    Ms. Shirley Spencer Acworth, Georgia Dear Shirley: Thank you for taking the time to contact my office recently and express your views on paternity fraud....
  • Twin GA Paternity fraud case
    Letter Submitted by: "Another Paternity Fraud (PF) victim in metro-Atlanta Georgia" Published by permission. Double trouble, when PF mother uses twins to dip for dollars! My name is RRman and I am an associate Pastor
  • US DOJ Letter about Paternity Fraud
    From: "Carnell - Director"; To: ALL Subject: June letter-writing campaign to US Justice Dept. about Paternity Fraud Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2001 1:03 AM This...


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