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nearly 30 percent not the father - paternity fraud


Est. January 2001 

U.S. Citizens against Paternity Fraud (US-CAPF, GA is the founding chapter) is a grass roots organization that works to increase public awareness and educate the citizens of each state about the need for paternity fraud legislation.

 This the only proven solution to resolve an international epidemic of child support fraud, mistakes and deception games surrounding paternity.   

US Citizens against Paternity Fraud believes:

  • Children and men deserve to know which man is the biological father.

  • Children need to know paternal genetics for medical reasons. It could save a child's life in the emergency room.

  • All persons should be held responsible for actively lying to the court, to the children or to anyone to get child support or divorce proceeds (financial).

  • The alleged father should be innocent until proven guilty by a preponderance of genetic evidence. Either he is the direct cause of the woman's pregnancy or he is NOT.

  • In paying fair (cost based child support on our own biological children and any children that are formally, legally adopted based on FULL and Truthful disclosure of biological relationship with a focus on joint legal, joint physical and joint financial responsibility.

  • In cases of legal adoption, the alleged biological father must be notified, proven to be the biological father and provided with an option of becoming an involved parent that pays child support or signing an agreement to terminate parental rights and forfeiting all claims and financial responsibilities to allow the legal adoption. This would eliminate or minimize the kidnapping or theft of children from their paternal families without notice or consent.

  • In Shared Parenting. Conceived by two parents, Loved by two parents and supported by two parents and extended family.

The law can and must require Truthful Disclosure (similar to Truth in Lending laws) in all Divorce and Child Support cases to prevent Paternity Fraud and Child Support Fraud.

Fraud is a crime in all other instances and the criminal must not be allowed profit from their wrongful acts. There should be 100% restitution in all cases of child support fraud.

The mother that commits fraud against public or private agencies face criminal charges and mandatory restitution such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) fraud, social security fraud, food stamp fraud and other fraud. Why the disparity when moms commit fraud against a fellow male citizen and there is no prosecution nor restitution?

No additional legislation is required to obtain prosecute a fraudulent mom for criminal fraud involving a state, public or private agency.  "Justice" -- this is a gender biased double standard!

What happened to men that were not dead beats that fell behind on child support by 30-60 days due to downsizing, layoff, furlough, sick in hospital, injured, falsely imprisoned by the state, taken hostage during Gulf War and others? Many were arrested and jailed for non-payment!


What do we do when the man in jail is NOT the bio-dad as the mother claimed?

"DNA test results are prima facie evidence against perjurious statements from the child's mother alleging paternity." The innocent man must always be set free based on conclusive evidence.   

Why are mothers allowed to submit false information in a sworn affidavit to the family courts with an attitude of impunity? When one fraud mom was asked, did you make a mistake or do anything wrong ... the sound of silence was deafening. 

When one fraud mom was asked, should this man be forced to pay you for another man's child? YES was heard clearly and quickly.  Ka-ching, goes the child support money machine!  

  • Don't let any body do this to your son! Warn each man and teenage male that some mothers have lied about actual paternity!
  • Please help me, prevent others from getting into the paternity fraud and get others out of the paternity trap.
  • Why is it too much to ask that mothers be required to answer under oath "that man is the only possible father of my child"?

carnell smith founder of citizens against paternity fraud

Carnell Smith PfV - Victor & Founder
Founded January 2001

Any attempts to force or extort money from a non-paternal man that does not want to remain in the child support money machine (in my humble opinion), should be a violation of his civil rights, state sponsored extortion, duress, lack of equal protection, lack of subject matter jurisdiction, involuntary servitude or simply call it "slavery".

Paternity Fraud is a crime, crime does NOT PAY and neither should the victim!


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