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PATERNITY FRAUD begins with fraudulent mothers or those moms that accidentally picked the wrong guy. Yet somehow, those moms do not believe that she has a obligation to tell the "Alleged Father" that he is only ONE of the Potential Fathers. WHY NOT?

FACT: A legal DNA paternity test at the hospital, before signing a voluntary paternity acknowledgment, before an administrative or family court hearing would stop Paternity Fraud!

The Decatur Man is appealing his case to the GA Supreme Court (pro-se) after the GA Appellate Court refused to hear the case and did not give a reason. The letter merely stated "Denied".

  • Orlando, FLorida - PF victim was threatened! DT Man reports he was forced to sign an acknowledgement of Paternity under duress (sign or go to jail). Years later, he got a DNA test just like 1Man, the results are 0.00% paternity. Appears to be another victim of state sponsored paternity fraud. CLICK HERE!

  • Missouri PF victim was flat out robbed! Sman reports that he married the mom, because she was pregnant. Then years later after two more children, he discovers via DNA tests that 2 of 3 kids were not his. The oldest child, the reason he married mom, was genetically proven to be fathered by another man. Why didn't mom tell the Groom about her other intimate relationships and that he might not be the father? Did she merely see the "Sman" as her meal ticket and financial lottery?

  • Ohio victim - HORROR STORY - Could it happen to you?

    One paternity fraud victim was confirmed sterile, but unknown to him, the mother also had intimate relations with his non-twin biological brother (blue collar). The state contracted DNA lab using 3 DNA genetic markers reported 99% paternity for both men, and recommended additional testing with all four parties. But the court refused to allow additional testing (even though the man is willing to pay for all four parties to be tested), and somehow decided that sterile brother (white-collar Professional Engineer) has to pay the child support.

    It seems to CAPF, that the true paternity has NEVER been resolved when two or more men have been insufficiently tested with same results of 99%? This particular problem seems highly unlikely, with DNA labs that use at least 11 DNA genetic markers and will test for paternity index equaling 99.999% or higher.

  • Atlanta GA - PF victim member of the Clergy with double trouble.

    My name is RRman (Clergy) and I am a GA paternity fraud victim "The Kid's asked me to get a DNA test"!. In September of 2000, I found out through DNA paternity testing that twin boys are not mine. This is undeniable proof that my ex-wife committed adultery and commited paternity fraud against me. Yes, the ex-wife should be required to make full restitution. CLICK HERE!

    You have my permission to publish my story. RRman

  • IowaDad becomes a PF victim!

    My live-in girlfriend told me she was a Christian, she loved me, the baby was mine, and she didn't want my money. I trusted her. I trusted this woman and wanted to do the right thing for my child, so I married her when the child was six months old.  I, IowaDad, do hereby grant permission to to publish my story.

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