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Paternity Fraud Articles



Paternity Fraud Articles 

  • Cheap Home Paternity DNA Test - Will a Cheap Home Paternity DNA Test Give You Accurate Results?
    Learn differences between home paternity test and legal dna paternity tests. Will a home test get the whole truth, maybe!
  • Fighting for Fatherhood by Tony Zizza
    Fighting For Fatherhood by: Tony Zizza for: The Atlanta Journal-Newspaper "Other Opinion" Guest Column Andrew Bowey and Carnell Smith have never met in person. One of them supports paternity, paternity test, paternity testing, DNA test and DNA paternity testing.
  • Paternity Tests - What You Need to Know
    DNA testing reveals paternity and paternity fraud with pinpoint accuracy in many cases.
  • Redefining Fatherhood Reinventing Responsibility
    Published in the Desert Journal - June 2001; "Redefining Fatherhood, Reinventing Responsibility" by Tony Zizza also speaks about paternity, paternity testing and DNA test.
  • Talk about Paternity
    "Let's Talk About Paternity Fraud " Guest Editorial by Tony Zizza for USA TODAY Newspaper, "The Forum" April/2001 It was the late novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand who said in so many words, that in a...
  • Video poker vs paternity fraud
    Video Poker Is A Game, Paternity ... by: Tony Zizza Georgia appears to be in a frenzy these days.  Whether it's the lure of the Gold Club trial or the...mystery of paternity, paternity testing and DNA tests ...
  • Is Paternity Fraud, The Perfect Crime
    Paternity Fraud - Is Paternity Fraud, The Perfect Crime? The answer is "Yes"! Learn how paternity testing has pulled the covers of this undetectable sham.
  • DNA Paternity Test Equals Justice Denied
    When men are routinely released from jail / prison using DNA testing, why is justice denied for paternity fraud victims? Imagine paying child support under great stress ... then discover "you are NOT the father".


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