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  • 2wives
    Wives of Paternity Fraud victims speak out! No you can't rip-off my family any more and I won't stand for it nor be quiet about it. The current Wives of Paternity Fraud victims will be with us to share what this crime does to families. It was proven by DNA paternity testing confirmed that some or ALL children were fathered by other men. Why aren't the mom and her lover responsible for their own kids? Message to Fraud Moms (FM) "When you steal from her husband, you're stealing from her family!" Stealing is WRONG and a criminal offense.
  • 2002 call to action to HB369
    MARCH 2002 URGENT -- CHILDREN NEED HONEST GEORGIANS TO CALL IN EVERY DAY  Asking the House of Representatives to vote for the Senate version of HB 369. Georgia will make history by helping the...
  • Carnell Smith goes to court - round 1
    April 17, 2001 NEWS RELEASE Director of CAPF, takes paternity fraud to trial in Georgia! Decatur -- April 16th, The battle lines were drawn and war was declared against paternity fraud in Dekalb...
  • Carnell Smith radio interview about paternity fraud
    IMMEDIATE NEWS RELEASE   For more information contact: Carnell Smith - Victim, Exec. Director & Founder US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (US-CAPF) Host of "4Lies & 4Truth" Talk...
  • Colorado victim joins Carnell on news
    Carnell Smith and Dylan Davis talk about paternity fraud in Colorado on TV. This is a good case of state supporting paternity fraud to trap a miltary veteran that has learned that none of the kids from his now ex-wife are his.
  • Florida event about paternity fraud victims
      Press Release November 23, 2001 Several nationally known Paternity Fraud Victims will testify before Florida's Commission on Responsible Fatherhood on Dec. 3, 2001. The Public and Expert...
  • Georgia Governor to sign paternity fraud bill HB369
    Brought to you Courtesy of:     ** NEWS FLASH ** Georgia's says Children and Men deserve... l   April 2, 2002   For more information, contact:   Carnell...
  • GA Senate passes paternity fraud bill
    February 6, 2002 The Sound of Freedom draws closer for enslaved Georgians! SUBJECT:  House Bill HB 369 - Georgia Paternity Fraud Bill The Georgia Senate voted 45 - 5  (90% favorable) to...
  • GA Governor signs paternity fraud bill
    Brought to you Courtesy of:     ** NEWS FLASH ** Georgia brings JUSTICE into the 21st Century   May 9, 2002   For more information, contact:   Carnell...
  • Paternity Fraud on the soon to be extinct list
      Wednesday, 11-21-01 NO SHOW Tonight -- Satellite Uplink is still down per Heritage Broadcasting Technical Staff! They plan to resume operation by Dec. 1, 2001 or sooner. I have...
  • Founder won his case
    Carnell Smith wins his highly publicized paternity fraud case at state court after unsuccessful appeal to the US Supreme Court.
  • tv talkshow
    Hello Family and Friends We will appear on Dr. Phil's show on Monday, October 29th with one of my DNA clients, Atty Marc Angelucci and Atty Gloria Allred. It will be an explosive and thought...

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