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Some men, after discovering a child is not theirs with DNA paternity testing, want to continue a non-court ordered relationship with the child but are actively prevented from doing so by the child's mother.




  1. The child's mother wants money $$
  2. The child support agency wants money $$
  3. The family court wants money $$
  4. and all three say it's not about money ?


but will jail a paternity fraud victim for refusal to pay $$
million against paternity fraud
Yes, it is about the money. Let's be honest about it!

Just ask Mr. Michael Thomas below:


Even when the child's mother has married the biological father, interferes with parenting for the duped dad then she sues to enforce the money judgment. This is paying the parents to raise their own child.

Best interest? Huh, don't even say it! If you believe that one, I want to sell you a bridge with your name on it.

The definition of child support based on actions by the family courts and child support enforcement does NOT include active and enforced parenting time.

Many non-custodial fathers have similar fate as paternity fraud victims, they get to pay a child's mother while being denied opportunity to be an involved parent. 

Everyday some of the men confirm (via paternity test) that "he is the biological father, and still become Dead bolted Dads that are locked out of any meaningful role as a parent. This complaint of obstacles in the way is repeated nationwide by men who want to be active parents, who find themselves in an adverserial system and opposition from the child's mother or legal guardian.

If you are a fit parent, just try to imagine being locked out of your kid's life by the other parent, Family Court and the Divorce Industry. Then have a Judge say "it's not in the child's best interest to have any contact with you while simultaneously ordering payment of child support or jail".

Next DNA paternity testing reveals "you are not the father".

Best what?

Father Shopping UR-1

Many of the courts have said so!

paternity fraud revealed by paternity testing 

US-CAPF has not found one State in the USA that requires the mother to inform the alleged father of the other potential fathers, not even in Georgia. We believe there is a legal, ethical and moral duty to disclose the material fact - the accused male, may NOT be the father and should verify the truth with a legal DNA test, asap.

If there are any states that require notice to the alleged father about the existence of other potential fathers, please notify us, so that we can update, asap!

To notify us, please send email containing the State and the related statute(s).
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