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Paternity Press Room

  • 1000 people voice paternity opinion
    We need 1,000 or more people to voice your opinion about paternity testing, paternty and DNA. If DNA can be used in criminal court, it must be used in family court, too.
  • 5000 men needed for dna testing
    Carnell Smith, Director of U.S. Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (US-CAPF), another victim of the unjust court system that denies his constitutional rights is asking for your help to get 5,000 DNA paternity tests completed nationwide.
  • 2nd Public Hearing on Georgia Paternity
    2/22/01 2nd public Hearing on Georgia Paternity Bill HB369. The legislators acknowledge that another form of Child Support Fraud begins with "Paternity...
  • 3-09-01 Senate Special Judiciary contacts for HB369
    3/09/01 Senate Special Judiciary contacts for HB369! Concerned citizens should ask their lawmakers to help free the paternity slaves. To avoid a paternity trap, you must know that DNA paternity testing is "in your best interest" before signing or agreeing to causing a pregnancy. At least not until you have the DNA test results of an impartial legal paternity test.
  • Carnell Smith at US Supreme Court
      April 18, 2002   Hello All,   My personal Paternity Fraud case has reached the United States Supreme Court to address this International epidemic. The entire Petition for Certiorari...
  • Georgia legislators are establishing freedom
    3/07/01 Georgia House Bill HB369  -- PRESS RELEASE--   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Georgia legislators are establishing freedom for the enslaved Paternity Fraud victims!  ...
  • MLK rally against paternity fraud
    "Military Men and Honest Americans" rally for the release of Georgia's new slaves on MLK Day.... Paternity Fraud victims and their families. Carnell Smith, Director of Citizens Against Paternity Fraud is inviting you to join us and sign our petition asking for the release of Georgia's new slaves aka paternity fraud victims using the paternity fraud bill HB369.
  • NC paternity fraud victim hosts an educational conference
    NC victim of false paternity trys to help others at PATERNITY VICTIMS CONFERENCE about "WHY THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WANT MEN TO HAVE THE DNA TEST". If the goal is to tell the truth, get the truth and rule by truth then paternity testing should be ordered in all cases, except the male has formally adopted the child.
  • New HB 369 Law news release
    New HB369 Georgia Law against False Paternity goes into effect on July 1, 2002 per Rep. Stanley Watson (D-070). Trust but verify paternity using a legal paternity test. This paternity law has freed many victims and their families plus a means to order a DNA test that is court admissible.
  • Nudelman GA paternity Fraud case
    MEDIA is invited to PATERNITY NEWS NETWORK ( PNN) presents: "ANOTHER GA FALSE PATERNITY CASE goes to trial". The real paternity is close relative of the mother. The truth by DNA paternity test exposed the secret affair. Truth is a good thing!
  • Oklahoma radio guest Carnell Smith speaks about fathers
    June 15, 2001 NEWS RELEASE CAPF Director breaks the sound barrier in Oklahoma ! Atlanta, GA -- June 15th, The silence in Oklahoma about child support fraud aka paternity fraud has been broken. A...
  • Paternity Fraud (PF), what can I do
    Citizens Against False Paternity (CAPF) talks about DNA, DNA testing, paternity testing and paternity law reform.
  • Paternity Fraud victims rally for freedom
    "Men and Families" rally for the release of Georgia's new slaves aka paternity victims. There is a negative impact to the falsely accused male, his assets and his family upon learning that one or more of the children are not his by a paternity test. A DNA paternity test will answer the paternity question, except where the paternity candidates are identical twins.
  • Paternity Public Hearing
    Carnell Smith and others met Honorable Rep. Stanley Watson to have the first public hearing for victims of false paternity. We brought victims and DNA test proof that men who were not the fathers are ordered to pay against their will.
  • Sample letter to your State Senator
    January 9, 2002 FYI - See the sample letters and contact information to GA Senators Praise the Lord. The Lord is on our side - whom shall we be afraid of?   Please send me a copy of any letters...
  • Save kids from Paternity Fraud
    Racing to Save  Our Children from paternity fraud press conference with the ACFC Racing Team
  • Senate Hearing for Paternity
    Senate Hearing for Paternity Fraud began in Georgia. It supports the need for DNA paternity testing to reveal the truth about paternity.
  • Sound of Freedom for Georgia paternity fraud victims
    1/24/02 - Let the Sound of Freedom Ring -  PRESS RELEASE--   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   For more information, please contact:  Mr. Carnell Smith  - Director & Founder...

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