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Should mothers be allowed to practice the shameful art of father shopping?  It certainly detracts from the idealism of equal rights and equal responsibility for men and women.

I say that the state should not be involved in enforcing a fraud for any reason period. We now have an unconfirmed report that a child DIED in an emergency room because the man was NOT the biological father nor the genetic relative and there was no time to find a genetic relative. If this mans claim is true, why would a mother put a child's life in danger?

I believe that children and men deserve to know their genetic history for medical reasons. It is my understanding that some people have a higher risk for medical problems based on their family's medical history.

Let's require the truth from men and women to protect the children and the families affected.


The March 2002 Atlanta-Journal opinion poll show that 89% of the people say Men deserve to know who their children are. The Georgia House Bill HB 369 will provide relief to victims and their families along with the means for men and children to know the paternal truth.


In order for Justice to be equal justice, men must have the same amount of time to get the truth about paternity similar to the amount of time that women have to initiate a child support order. A letter from one mother, dated Feb 20, 2002 was sent to the Georgia House of  Representatives stating we need a time limit on children and men getting to know who the biological father is. 


It is interesting that this same letter did NOT state any requirement on mothers to make a truthful and completely honest statement of all paternity candidates to the putative father and the court within a time limit. 


I wonder if this letter was trying to say that no man should ever rely on the mothers sworn affidavit about who the father of her child is? If so, this is one more reason to pass the Senate version of House bill HB 369 as soon as possible.



A child's mother is the only person with first hand knowledge of all potential fathers and has too many financial incentives to actively conceal these material facts from the putative father and the court.



When discussing the best interest of the children (BIC), let's also consider my two children and my wife! My family has been forced to endure a lower standard of living due to loss of our hard earned money under duress. 

There is compounded stress on paternity fraud victims like us from a constant battle with the courts, child support enforcement and the child's mother. Their position is crystal clear "pay or go to jail". There is no focus on best interest of the child, instead best interest of cash (BIC$).

There is constant pressure from the child's mother demanding my hard earned cash under threat of jail and seizure of assets for non-compliance.

It would be nice to get a better car than my 1985 Nissan Maxima with 350,000 miles using my own money.



I have already been removed from the life of the ex-girlfriend's daughter since April 16, 2000. Her child wrote a book about her family and omitted me as her father. My former daughter considers her mothers current husband as her father according to the book.


My ex-girlfriend informed me by letter and by phone that I am to have no contact with her child until this matter was resolved after first DNA test revealed 0% paternity. Rather than risk jail or face any false charges, I have abided by her demand.

My former daughter called me once and I explained her mothers demand. Later, I got an email that I traced to the mothers DSL email account.

I was afraid to respond, suspecting a trap to get me charged with a false allegation. Considering everything that has be done to me, I have no reason to trust my ex-girlfriend nor her Attorney.


The ex-girlfriend and her daughter have been seen shopping at a local shopping mall by my wife and members of my church with no apparent problems.


In fall of 1998, after her new marriage the ex-girlfriend increased her expenses by purchasing a new home then told me that I did not pay her enough money to meet her expenses. My ex-girlfriend stated that I should pay her 20% of my gross salary for her daughter per the guidelines. I explained that I could not pay her $1,000.00 + per month since my take home salary was $2,600.00 while supporting three households and giving money to my church.


I was already spending money on her daughters clothes, piano lessons and a college fund for her daughter in addition to $300/mo child support. Also told her that my pregnant wife was going to be a full time mother after the birth of our daughter, we had waited eight years to start our own family.


I told the ex-girlfriend that I did not believe that the court would make my family homeless just because she had increased her expenses, informed her that Id see her in court.


Based on my complete confidence, complete trust in the ex-girlfriend and her assurance that I am the father based on our contact in Feb 1988, I stipulated to paternity based on the mothers information that I believed that I was the biological father and that I was unaware of any other person with a claim. [My case is a matter of public record, Dekalb County, Odum v Smith 98-12744-9.]

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