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I, seeing that I could not get a paternity test tried to arrange one without the permission of the court, which was stopped when my wife and her lawyer found out about it.

I was forced to pay child-support and threatened with jail for contempt and was forced to settle the case.

Eventually I did get permission for a paternity test, which in fact proved that the child could not be mine, which I shared with the courts, however to no avail. Refusal to do so will result into loss of licenses and possible jail time under state law even though my ex-wife moved to New Hampshire with another man she is now married to.

My ex-wife committed adultery and deceived me initially to believing that the child was mine. Any bonding that was established was the result of deception by a woman who carried on an affair not only with the alleged real father but also with her present husband. Yet I am being held responsible for her indiscretions, which, unfortunately affects an innocent child.

So here we are in an age where prisoners are getting freed on DNA evidence. It is also a fact that DNA evidence is used to obtain support from fathers who deny being the real fathers. But I who had nothing to do with the conception of this child am being forced to pay.

How about the emotional anguish and financial problems I am facing? It is important that my case should be heard in the single issue that some men today are unfairly treated in paternity cases and a wife’s adulterous affairs cannot be ignored for the welfare of a child. If the legal system believes that for the sake of the child’s welfare a mother’s indiscretions should be hidden and the non-father jailed because he does not wish to support a child who is not his own, we are living in the middle ages.

On behalf of other men in situations like mine, I hope that people will listen to this issue and work together changing an unfair legal situation.

Another man wounded by a fraudulent mother!

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