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Wife of PF Victim writes GA Senators

Part 2

Would any one of you reward your children if they lied in this manner? I can tell you that as a mother, I would not! HB 369 encourages telling the truth. Telling the truth to our children. They learn by what they see.

Ask the children that find out 20 years later who their biological father is. Do you think that they are glad for the lies told to them for 20 years?

Again children learn from what they see their parents do. Their mother is lying to hundreds of people with ease.

But alas, the NON-Liars, victims of Paternity Fraud, are punished. His whole family is punished because he was trying to do the right thing, like my husband, like Carnell Smith. Doing the right thing based on what he believed was the truth.

The "truth" told by someone he loved.

Not only did these women break their husband's or boyfriend's hearts by being with others, by being unfaithful, but now they want to break them financially as well.

Take responsibility for your actions no matter what. We want that from our men, but shouldn't we ask that from everyone?

Once this bill passes I am very sure, I am extremely positive, that the biological parents will be located. There will be a need for many reasons.

But those who commit Paternity Fraud are mostly motivated by money.

Senators, please ask yourselves; How long do you think it will be before these children find out the truth? They always do. Always.

I just hope that it wouldn't be too late. After they find out they have a serious disease that could have been prevented or medicated had they known about their biological parents is too late. Or too late after members of their biological families die and they never got to know them.

We can't keep telling the lie forever. How hard do you think it is for us not to tell my step-son the truth? Heart wrenching! 

We would not have been in this position had his mother TOLD THE TRUTH from the very beginning. I heard somewhere that the truth will set you free. Not more so then after the passing of HB 369 and setting these men free. 30% of men tested in Georgia annually would be free of the bondage of lies and the criminals who lie.

That is an incredible number of liars, don't you think? Please pass this bill soon. Please help us bring back the morality that we all claim is missing from our homes and schools. Morality begins at home after all. Home is where we learn right from wrong.

Obviously the perpetrators of Paternity Fraud have not learned that yet. Please let us not continue to punish the victims who have.

Very Respectfully,

Mrs. 2Dwife, 2nd wife of Paternity Fraud victim  

and members of the US Armed Forces

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