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But all of this was not enough. She and her parents were annoyed that I had visitation, that I phoned the children, and that I would not pay up, shut up, and go away.

They decided a domestic abuse trap was in order. Once when I picked up the children, they attempted to incite me to hit my ex-wife. When I did not do this, my ex-wife punched me, her mother took over my car, her father punched me, and my ex-wife took my keys from the car. They wrestled me to the ground and called the police. When the police arrived, they each told dramatically different stories about what had transpired, except that they all stated I was the cause. I told the police the truth, and that they routinely lie, even under oath. But, I got to spend the night in jail. I was denied visitation until I took her to court. She even used my having been in jail as "proof" that I should not see the children. I am now facing a criminal trial, which could result in my loss of the few rights I have as a father, civil rights granted to all Americans, and prison. They have already demonstrated their willingness to continue lying in court.

Don't believe this story? I wouldn't either, two years ago. What does honesty, hard work, perseverance, faithfulness, and love for his children get an American father today? Slavery and jail, if that's what the mother wants. What does immorality, perjury, domestic abuse, using children, and paternity fraud get a mother? Money for now, money for later, and money for in between. Crime pays well in Iowa!

What is the most difficult part of this? Beyond forgiving those who did this to my children and to myself, simply because the American "justice" system encourages it, the most difficult part is to accept the permanent damage to the lives of the children, over which I have no control. Please, for the sake of children, fathers, mothers, families, and a better America, help stop paternity fraud.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. As I finished writing this, I received the following link by email. It was timely. I suggest you click on it now, and then contemplate what action you are going to take to stop paternity fraud.

Another man that was emotionally and financially wounded for the pleasure of yet, another fraudulent mother!****

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