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Paternity Fraud almost killed a Georgia tax payer's way of life until it was discovered by a legal DNA paternity test! The OFFICIAL CODE OF GEORGIA does not address certain cases of Paternity Fraud nor provide automatic restitution for individual victims.

Currently the OFFICIAL CODE OF GEORGIA, allows a mother to commit paternity fraud and child support fraud against an alleged father, walk away with the money then pursue child support against the real biological father. A legally sanctioned double-dip $$!!

If a mother commits similar fraud against public (social security, medicaid, welfare, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families -TANF) and private agencies, the OFFICIAL CODE OF GEORGIA provides for restitution and punishment up to and including criminal charges.

We should not have a protected class of legalized extortion against Georgia citizens. The Georgia Court of Appeals appears to agree in SMITH v. DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES, A97A0257., May 16, 1997, Decided, "While it is the policy of this state to require fathers to support their minor children, it is not the policy to extort such support from persons who are not in fact the fathers."

Major points to consider:

Could a child’s life could be at risk for medical needs, when alleged father does not match genetics in an emergency room? There just might not be enough time!

In 2000, OH passed a law to relieve paternity fraud victims from child support and arrears when genetic tests proved non-paternity. In 2000, MD Supreme Court upheld similar ruling to relieve paternity fraud victims using paternity testing. Cases exist for other states in AL, FL, IN, WI, AK, TN, NV, CT, VA, KY and others.

Don’t forget that the mother always knows about her other intimate relations and then always makes a conscious decision to suppress that information from the alleged father.

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