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7/13/01 - Carnell Smith, Director of Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (CAPF), was told "JUSTICE DENIED" to his petition request for appeal by the Georgia Court of Appeals in a one page letter dated 7/10/01.   The Appellate court's only response was "DENIED" with no reason given.   Smith says, "I discovered the paternity fraud within nine months of the court order that legitimated the child with a temporary order of child support.

Nobody had a problem until I demanded full restitution from the mother for being defrauded."   Fair is fair, if I owed the mother $100,000 in child support there would be no negotiations allowed and payment in full is mandatory under law.  

How dare me ask for my own hard earned money to support my family, pay my legal bill and to repay my  401K loans? Silly me!  

It's bad enough that you have to ask for permission to appeal an unjust decision from the Superior Court, but to be denied the opportunity to file an appeal is sadistic.   It certainly proves that Georgia paternity fraud victims cannot get relief without the paternity fraud bill HB369.  

Does justice exist at the Georgia Supreme Court or the U.S. Supreme Court for Paternity Fraud Victims?

Once again, No JUSTICE ... No PEACE!
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