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. Dr. Reena Sommer & Associates - Internationally recognized divorce consultants specializing in custody disputes and family reunification/reintegration programs

Dr. Warren Farrell, PHD, a featured guest on "4Lies & 4Truth Talk Show"

Custody Reform
to help change the family laws that govern the family courts.

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DNA tests paternity law

 Mark Rogers, Economist & Child Support Cost Expert Mark Rogers
[a featured guest on the "4Lies & 4Truth Talk Show"]
Do you need to challenge the amount of child support award, does your state
violate it's own laws by refusing to allow a rebuttable challenge to the award?

DA*DI, We support Dads Against the Divorce Industry (Excellent resource site) Also supports our cause and signed our online petition against Paternity Fraud.
Dads Against the Divorce Industry - DA*DI (2 min. full loading time) Dr. Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D. Educator, Family Advisor

CHILD'S BEST INTEREST (the real definition and excellent resource site)CHILDSBESTINTEREST.ORG



Trudy W. Schuett; Publisher, The DesertLight Journal
* The e-zine of the international men's rights movement *


Stop Paternity Fraud - Founding Chapter, Home of 1Man 4 Justice 
HeadQuarters in GA, US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (US-CAPF)

Stop Paternity Fraud - Florida affiliate,
Home of FL Chapter, Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (FL-CAPF)

Stop Paternity Fraud - Oklahoma affiliate,
Home of OK Chapter, Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (OK-CAPF)



Children's Rights

Legalkids - Clayton Giles

Kids Rights - Our Approach

With Arms Wide Open Foundation

Constitutional Rights

Liberty Bell Union

We The People

Father's Rights

Suggestions for Fighting Paternity Fraud, FRTC
FRTC is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that assists fathers and non-custodial parents

American Father's Coalition

Dads Rights - Jeffery Leving

DADS of Florida

DADS Against Discrimination - National Home Office

CPF- The Fatherhood Coalition

Fatherlessness - Impact on Children, Families and Society

ANCPR - Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents Rights

American Coalition for Fathers and Children

The National Organization for Men

Father's Rights Council

Fathers Rights Foundation

Father's Rights and Equality Exchange

Fathers Rights To Custody

Father's Rights Newsline

Parental Rights

Dads at a Distance

Florida's Parents Without Rights

Children’s Justice

Father's Resource Center

Parents Without Rights

Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation Syndrome - Dean Tong

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Statistics

Federal Government

Administration for Children and Families

Second Wives

Second Wives Organization


10,000 newspapers on the Net

Paternity Fraud

DADDNA (North Carolina)

Texas Paternity Fraud

Advice for men -- Index of articles related to issues of paternity: FATHERS FOR LIFE