Two kids speak against paternity fraud …

Listen to an interview of two young ladies that are victims of paternity fraud. In this instance, these young adults are the kids who were deceived by their mothers and are mad about it.

Wife admits husband is not the father and he is unaware

A wife admits that 17 year old daughter is not her husband’s. She faked him out by providing false conception date to her new husband seventeen years ago. Could this situation of marital paternity fraud have been prevented by DNA Testing at Birth?

DNA Test Dancing

For some men, the Paternity test report shows that “you are the father” and for others “you are not the father”. It can be an occasion of dancing for joy for some while other people are deeply saddened by the news. Truthful paternity is quite important to a lot of men, especially where paternity uncertainty exists.

Paternity Fraud or Paternity Mistake? That is the question!

Paternity Fraud or Paternity Mistake? That is the question that is answered by DNA testing at birth! It
would have saved 10 years for one kid and two men.