Alleged Father fights for paternity test to prove “he is the father”

The Truth Squad Shhhh. Don’t say it again “DNA testing at birth would give the truth to the child”.  No, we will not be quiet as long as the laws continue to ignore the facts. A man says he is the biological father and wants to prove it …. Let’s… take the paternity test. How […]

National Paternity Fraud survey — calling all paternity fraud victims

New National Study Gives Voice to Victims of Paternity Fraud ATLANTA, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — … When a man discovers the truth about the child’s parentage, this can have a far-reaching emotional impact upon him, the child, and the families involved like John Edwards’ situation,” said Carnell Smith PfV, renowned paternity fraud expert and director […]

SUPPORT? System Down shows paternity fraud/family court problems in Atlanta, GA

SUPPORT? System Down shows paternity fraud/family court problems Dr.  Sharon Squires PhD and Carnell Smith PfV will join filmmaker Angelo Lobo for a special question and answer period after the showing of Lobo’s documentary, “Support? System Down”, ) showing in Atlanta, Georgia at the Peachtree Village International Film Festival at the Underground Atlanta Event […]

Three single men escape paternity fraud by DNA test ?

It sometimes amazes me when paternity fraud is marginalized as an issue that only affects minorities. Sadly, there are paternity mistakes and deception issues across racial / ethnic, financial, political lines around the world. As you watch this video, I sincerely hope that no one signed a paternity confession document before the DNA test results. […]

Paternity Fraud reform advocates meet at the Atlanta film festival

Carnell Smith PfV joins filmmaker/producer Angelo Lobo on September 26, 2009 at the Atlanta Peachtree Village International Film Festival.

There are many more cases like Frank Hatley and Emmanuel Coleman-Ruff where men are jailed for not paying child support on someone else’s child.

Legal DNA paternity testing at birth could have prevented Hatley from being deceived about paternity. It is time to call for preventive solutions …