Pay or go to jail – unemployed man is not the father

An incredible job in this paternity fraud story by award winning journalist Tom Regan and famous family law attorney Randall Kessler.  It shows that the county and child support agencies are not concerned about the truth when DNA proves “Larry did NOT”  cause the pregnancy of his ex-wife. So, who did? If I were a […]

New York Appellate Case May Eliminate Legal Fiction and Scandal in Paternity Cases

Some say NY paternity fraud is okay and oppose DNA paternity testing. Truth is ignored when tricking — oops, picking a man or teenage boy as the father in NY.

Both parents repay $14,460 to paternity fraud victim

JUSTICE: Parents to repay $14,460 to paternity fraud victim – GA judge stops paternity fraud scam and orders mom and dad to repay the victim. What if truth was the standard in family court?