Congrats to Rep. Stacy Campfield and Sen. Dewayne Bunch for TN House Bill HB805

US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud recognizes Tennessee Rep. Stacy Campfield and Sen. Dewayne Bunch for supporting House Bill HB805 during the 2009 session. Visit for more information about the four ways that men become a victims of paternity fraud.

Father suspects paternity fraud, how do I get child support and a dna paternity test?

Question: I’m a mom that is 100 percent sure of my child’s father and am wondering how to get child support. The father denies the baby is his, so I would like to know how to get a dna paternity test. Can someone please help because my child is 8 years old and keeps asking […]

UK passed paternity fraud laws in 1834, why can’t PA, TX, NY, MI, CA, NC and …

  No one should be surprised at our quest to establish truth-in-paternity as the best interest for all kids whenever a male is alleged as the biological father. It is utterly amazing that many states actively support paternity fraud against their male citizens while claiming to support the United States Constitution. Have you ever heard […]

Recipe for a good paternity fraud bill

A just and fair paternity fraud bill : Does not have best interest of the child as a deciding factor for releasing a paternity fraud victim. Does not have a time limit for releasing victims of fraud, mistake of fact or duress. Releases victims of paternity fraud victim regardless of marital status. Provides a statutory […]

You can help North Carolina wife fighting to stop paternity fraud

Women affected by NC paternity fraud say “no more”.  2009 is the ultimate time of change for Pennsylvania and North Carolina to say no more paternity fraud as a state supported scam against men and teenagers.      Another brave wife, Paulette Alston in NC joins US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (US-CAPF) with her husband […]