North Carolina lawmakers say stop paternity fraud … sorta

Please inform our teenaged boys, military men and married men that paternity fraud can be stopped in North Carolina with modified H307 and S587. We need “truth in paternity laws on the books” that use DNA paternity test to confirm the facts.

Nebraska supports marital paternity fraud — refused appeal

Marital paternity fraud is only one of the four ways …

And yet another marital paternity fraud victim makes the news after unsuccessful attempt to appeal lower court ruling. This time the injustice occurs in Nebraska with same results as Texas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and others where state interests trump civil rights and involuntary servitude.

DNA testing could verify the tricked fathers, who’s next

Father Shopping supports DNA paternity tests… As an instructor for Mastering Manhood workshop series, this is one of the scenarios we warn civilian and military men about in “Naked Truth University”. In order to avoid a trap, you must know it exists. In the story below it states that three men, so far have become […]

Paternity fraud fighter onboard – Pro Per Consultant joins the PF blog!

Thank you Carnell Smith and the entire Paternity Fraud Community of Constitutients and Collaborators as we all move forward to discover truth through DNA Testing and diligent oversight of the process that we are all encountering on various levels. Since coming aboard to assist in this monumental effort, Carnell and I, through the PRO PER INSTITUTE, have been […]

Military Male Abuse revealed by DNA paternity tests

An astonishing trap inside of family law devastates military men, their own children and the women who love them. These men of honor never see the trap until the door closes behind him, then it is too late. Some would say that military men are protected by the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act (SSRA). Not […]

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