DNA Paternity Testing – Radio Show with live paternity fraud case

DNA Paternity Testing – Radio Show with live paternity fraud case in the studio as man received results that paternity test results are zero percent that he is the father of the 22 year old young lady. It is clear that the young woman and deceived father were misled by the young woman’s mother. And […]

DNA Testing – reveals paternity fraud then judge advises man to sue ex-GF

DNA Testing – A rare case of correction from the bench, albeit TV court show actually happened.  The Honorable Judge Mathis did award $5,000 paid to the paternity fraud victim (ex-BF).  Next, Judge Mathis advises man to sue the ex-GF for paternity fraud. The ex-GF caused her child to call the duped dad and tell […]

DNA Testing – Reveals Two Fathers and One Wife Are Really Close

DNA Testing At Birth – See another interesting case that could settle the controversy about the question of whether paternity fraud only affects minorities? Frankly speaking, it seems that this issue crosses ethnic and financial lines. Take look at this video

Paternity Test Tells Single Men – Do Not Sign AOP

Paternity Testing tells Single Men, that is okay to trust, but it is even better to verify by DNA test before signing an acknowledgment of paternity document aka AOP.

Marital Presumption of Paternity – Can Lead to Paternity Fraud

Paternity Testing can help husbands get answers … The newly wed husband is not buying the change of heart from his wife and rightfully, insists on a legal DNA paternity test with himself, his wife and her two month old son.

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