DNA Paternity Testing – Radio Show with live paternity fraud case

DNA Paternity Testing – Radio Show with live paternity fraud case in the studio as man received results that paternity test results are zero percent that he is the father of the 22 year old young lady.

It is clear that the young woman and deceived father were misled by the young woman’s mother. And yet, another case that would have been resolved with paternity testing at birth where the man would have known the truth while the child was a few weekes old.

Question: Would you support mandatory DNA testing before allowing anyone to claim the man or teen boy is the biological father for a birth certificate, insurance benefits, military benefits, child support, divorce, inheritance or other reasons?

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  1. james singleton on January 26th, 2011

    i would absolutely support mandatory testing because to many times i have seen friend who are not the father of their child find out about it to late we should be able to know before hand

  2. Mary T. on March 13th, 2015

    Not sure if my last attempt posted. Yes, I would support mandatory testing of newborns, as I believe my son and family, and the child are victims of paternity fraud by both the mother and the other man. Worse, the child is now in state custody. We can’t even contact the child.

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