Paternity Test Tells Single Men – Do Not Sign AOP

Paternity Testing tells Single Men, that is okay to trust, but it is even better to verify by DNA test before signing an acknowledgment of paternity document aka AOP.

In this case study, the child has been told the man is her father. At some point, the child’s mother wants to prove that he is the  father.

One big problem … there is another man’s name on the child’s birth certificate. What? How does the child’s mother justify asking this man to believe her word alone “you are the father” while there is another man listed as the father?

Paternity Testing can unravel this mystery, once and for all, as long as the alleged fathers are not identical twins. In case with twins, there are additional steps needed to identity the biological father. Yes, 4Truth Identity and have successfully resolved paternity in a case where the alleged fathers are identical twins.

There is a major lesson here for single men and teenage boys that will be pressured to sign an AOP by:

  1. hospital staff  $$
  2. child support enforcement, hearing officer $$
  3. family law judge or court personnel $$
  4. the child’s mother $$
  5. the mother’s attorney $$
  6. the mother’s family
  7. his family members
  8. his own attorney

The opposition will insist that it is in the best interest of the child and that the man or teenage boy should sign the AOP before obtaining a legal paternity test.

Watch what happens as the story unfolds and tell  us what you think?

Did you know there is a 60 day time limit for rescinding the document after the man or teen boy signs the AOP?

It is quite likely, that the mother might not cooperate with your paternity test request after you sign. Or she could leave town for a few months and then tell you “it’s not your baby fool”.

Subsequent DNA testing reveals that “he is not the father”, but cannot stop the child support order against your nor remove your name from the birth certificate without a court order after the 60th day.

This leaves you,  the duped man or teenager trapped as another victim of paternity fraud. What do you think about banning any attempt to sign an AOP until the man or teen boy has DNA test results in hand that show 99.99% or higher that he is the father?

We think the choice is easy, when you understand paternity fraud and the financial incentives for the hospital, child support enforcement and the child’s mother to pressure the male into signing an AOP.  The answer should be “NO”, until the test results came back.

What do you think should happen first, DNA test or sign the AOP aka paternity confession?

Carnell Smith PfV is a speaker, author and impassioned advocate for families, fairness and justice. Smith is Founder of US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud and 4Truth Identity’s DNA Center. Smith is the National Spokesman on Paternity Fraud and it’s relation to Child Support Enforcement and DNA Paternity Testing. Also a frequent contributor to television, radio, newspapers, magazines, film and numerous media websites. For more information and

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