Marital Presumption of Paternity – Can Lead to Paternity Fraud

Paternity Testing can help husbands get answers …

A newly wed husband and new father says that he has a problem trusting women,  based on the cheaters he dated in the past.  His new wife said “you’re not the father of my son”,  in the heat of an argument and then later attempted to retract her statement. The new wife says  “I didn’t  mean it, I only said it because I was angry at the time”.

The newly wed husband is not buying the change of heart from his wife and rightfully, insists on a legal DNA paternity test with himself, his wife and her two month old son.

The wife claims that the paternity test is unnecessary because she has never cheated on her husband. Watch the video and share your comments here.


Are men completely safe in assuming that his wife’s kids are his based on her word alone?

Did you know that some US states, still support the Lord Mansfield rule that says “all children had by the man’s wife are automatically his”? It makes no exception for estranged wives, legally separated wives, wives with deployed military husbands or even couples where the husband had no access to his wife. Yes, even those men who are incarcerated, living abroad or living thousands of miles apart.

And you probably thought adultery is not supported in family court. Try asking paternity fraud victims why they support abolishing the Lord Mansfield rule and replacing it with an automatic paternity test on demand.

Truth is a good thing. Both men and women are capable of telling the truth and being accountable for their own actions, right? Thanks to – you have a way to get a legal paternity test now. No more doubt, find out what is true.

Carnell Smith PfV is a speaker, author and impassioned advocate for families, fairness and justice. Smith is Founder of US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud and 4Truth Identity’s DNA Center. Smith is the National Spokesman on Paternity Fraud and it’s relation to Child Support Enforcement and DNA Paternity Testing. Also a frequent contributor to television, radio, newspapers, magazines, film and numerous media websites. For more information and

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