DNA Testing – reveals paternity fraud then judge advises man to sue ex-GF

DNA Testing – A rare case of correction from the bench, albeit TV court show actually happened.  The Honorable Judge Mathis did award $5,000 paid to the paternity fraud victim (ex-BF).  Next, Judge Mathis advises man to sue the ex-GF for paternity fraud.

The ex-GF caused her child to call the duped dad and tell him “another man is my father”.  I believe this puts the capitol “C” in cruel, but it is closer to typical in paternity fraud cases.

Questions: Where is the mother’s caring and concern about abusing the emotions and finances of the deceived man? No even an apology.

Let this warning be shared with single men and teenage boys, especially military men. Trust, but verify by DNA Paternity Test because you cannot afford to make the emotional and financial investment based on someone’s promise that you are the father.

If you trust her word, the American courts will use that act of goodwill against you.  Remember these powerful words – Ok to trust, but absolutely necessary to VERIFY.

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  1. NetGuest on January 29th, 2011

    Whoa! It seems like single women and teenage girls in America can be sued if they cuckold their boyfriends with other guys and become pregnant. Could they? I think somebody ought to advise women and teen girls not to cheat on their boyfriends and husbands or else, they will be sued for good and perhaps land in jail. Talk about the high price females pay for infidelity than males.

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